October 12, 2010


Goodbye, Brasil!

January 13, 2010

I’m spending the day trying to figure out how to get everything home…

When I arrived in Brasil, I had a suitcase filled with presents, so I figured there would be no problem getting home. Somehow, I’m heading back with a whole extra suitcase.

I get into NYC Thursday morning, head to Philly for the weekend, then back to LA to work! I have a new website coming soon, and my designer needs to hear from me!

Before I go to juggle around the weight of my bags, check out this photo. One thing I came to get used to down here was the thunder storms! Some last only 5 minutes, some last longer… Regardless of length, they always seem to flood the streets! Here is the last bit of sun kissing one of the buildings before it became completely enveloped by the black clouds moving in.


See you soon!